.NET Core Put Microsoft Back on Top after nearly fading away in epic fashion

///.NET Core Put Microsoft Back on Top after nearly fading away in epic fashion

.NET Core Put Microsoft Back on Top after nearly fading away in epic fashion

ASP.NET Core though not the easiest of transitions finally makes sense as a language, not that .NET MVC 4 didn’t, it was just much more difficult and took more directional commitment for your application or projects. Now, Core opens up the door into the Open Source stratosphere that’s nearly exploded the last couple of years. Ultimately, the demand alone is what tore me from .NET and my beloved MVC.NET in the first place. AngularJS and other Javascript MVC languages also resonated with my “Model View Controller”-mind as a developer. I like it separated, easy to understand, and not jumbled together like some makeshift .php landing pages that don’t know up from down. Core’s performance, after closely monitoring and comparing after migrating some older MVC 3-5 applications, there’s a major consumption or performance difference. It allows for a more fluid design whereas a couple years ago, I would have said “.NET is for data-centric applications, not fancy smelling UI’s, it’s for purpose not looks.” now, I can argue you have no reason that you can’t use the benefits of Entity Framework ( EF Core ) along with the Tag Helpers of Core MVC, and the awesomeness of libraries like React to make some really fantastic applications with really little more than your typical setup now that it’s a more CLI-driven approach.

Windows/Linux/Mac + Easy Multi-platform Deployment

I’m a PC and Mac guy, I started out as a PC person and quickly moved to a Mac for all my frontend work and design. I picked up Vim and terminal and have been traversing the command line ever since. Configuring and creating applications from dotnet-cli feels more natural in an open-source world. I really thought pre- .NET 4.6 that the world was looking extremely gray for Microsoft with the technologies that exploded in 2015-2017. They must have begged Google for the Typescript nod on Angular 2 over ES6 and Babel.js (which was my bet), after that, it bought them enough time to release the cut-down version of what many referred to as an “Open source .NET”, correct it, and now develop perfecting it. Today, I have to tip my cap to them and pretty much every open-source or proprietary developer working on a framework or library these past 2 years. With all the languages moving forward and agreeing with each other (even WP-REST gives you the chance to use the backend advantages of WP with any JSON-reading language a.k.a. all modern languages not just PHP, need proof, this post here brought to you by WordPress + React + Dotnet Core 2.0 ) this couldn’t be a more exciting time to be a developer, and yet also very distracting and overwhelming time on occasion. Luckily, most companies haven’t come close to catching up to the development community but a huge needs for .NET Developers, Python Developers and UI Front End AngularJs/Angular 2-4 Typescript 2 Developers. If you are looking for an opportunity and are a .NET, Python, or Front End JS developer with 2 years experience signup for information on our development group and some very exclusive opportunities within the core members’ teams at some excellent firms/corporations/small businesses.


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